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Total Phishing Defence
Prevent Incidents, Protect Assets.

More than two thirds of organisations do not comply with Email Security Best Practices. It is no surprise then that over 91% of successful cyber attacks start with a simple phishing email. We provide a complete solution to protect your organisation from email based attacks.

Total Phishing Defence

Email is inherently insecure. To get the best return on your investment in phishing awareness training we first need to assess your email security profile and remediate any issues discovered.
1. Email Security Profile
Analysing your organisation's compliance to email security best practices we assess your susceptibility to common phishing threats and provide remediation strategies.
2. Awareness Training
Phishing simulations and awareness training that is effective and realistic. We identify your most likely threats and execute simulations based on real world scenarios.

Advanced phishing attacks such as Invoice Fraud can leverage the weak security of partners domains.

Email security is more than an internal issue, if a partner's email can be spoofed it can be used against you. Real world breaches and attacks are often due to the weak security of a 3rd party. These 3rd party vulnerabilities can introduce risk to your organisation. Your business eco-sphere includes your suppliers and vendors. Our enhanced Phishing Risk Assessment monitors and manages your third-party cyber risks ensuring your entire digital eco sphere is protected.
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User Experience

Employees receive phishing emails identical to those an attacker would use. Should they fall victim to one of these "simulated" phishing emails they are directed to a landing page that provides training on how to identify genuine phishing emails in the future.

'Just-in-Time' Teaching delivered at point of failure empowers your employees to identify future phishing emails and mitigating risk. Dynamically created personalised landing pages provide a superior end user experience ensuring that your employees are fully engaged.

A holistic approach is required to cost effectively and efficiently
reduce your susceptibility to phishing threats.

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Do you know how easy it is for a hacker to target your organisation?

One of the first things opportunistic hackers do is to check potential victims for vulnerabilities. If there aren't any then they move on to easier targets. If there are then your organisation is at risk. If they can spoof the email address of someone in your organisation they can launch a convincing targeted attack against you. These types of attack are very hard to defend against unless your users are highly 'security awareness' trained.

Not only can your own domain be used against you it can be used in a Business Email Compromise attack on a vendor, customer or the public. Your Brand and integrity are at stake. We analyse your organisation detecting any vulnerabilities that make it easier for an adversary to successfully execute a phishing attack against you.

employee phishing awareness training

Phishing simulations help your organisation reduce the risk of falling victim to a genuine phishing attack.

Phishing simulations are a "hands on training" exercise. By conducting phishing simulations, email users can experience directly and safely how phishing attacks occur. They learn the techniques used in these social engineering scams and how to identify them. In doing so they become your frontline of defence and empowered to safeguard their personal information and the information of their organization.

There is no fool proof technological defence against these attacks. Training to recognise and resist targeted social engineering scams is the single most effective defence you can deploy. Behavioural changes that improve an organisations security profile, maintain heightened employee awareness and reduce the likelihood of a successful cyber-attack are directly related to frequency of Phishing Simulations.

The smart choice for cost effective results

Fully Managed Service

Our fully managed service is conducted by our expert team. Everything is created, ran, chased and reported on for you. All you need to do is provide us a list of your users and add our sending IP’s to your email security. We will target your organisation as would a hacker, identify your weaknesses and ensure your staff are trained to combat such attacks.

A managed service saves your time and resources. Our professional security team constantly keep up with the latest threats and tactics used by your potential adversaries. They will efficiently target your staff and key personnel with relevant, realistic attacks ensuring your most vulnerable users become valuable assets in the defence against email based threats.
total phishing defence

Service Pricing

We only provide managed services for phishing simulations. All of our fully managed services are conducted by our expert team. Everything is created, ran, chased and reported on for you. All you need to do is provide us a list of your users and add our sending IP’s to your email security. We have delivered hundreds of thousands of phishing simulation emails to organisations of all sizes. Please Contact us below with your requirements.
Single Simulation
$1500 /one off
  • Fully Managed
  • One time simulation
  • Phishing Training
  • Email Security Assessment
Annual Plan
$7500 /per year
  • Fully Managed
  • Bi-monthly simulations
  • Phishing Training
  • Email Security Assessment
  • Vendor Assessments (10)
Custom Plan
$contact for pricing
  • Fully Managed
  • Multiple simulations
  • Phishing Training
  • Email Security Assessment
  • Vendor Assessments
  • 1000+ staff

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