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Cyber Security for the Coronavirus Crisis

The coronavirus pandemic has unleashed a wave of cyber attacks on a scale never seen before. Large-scale adoption of work-from-home technologies, heightened activity on customer-facing networks, and greater use of online services all present fresh openings, which cyberattackers have been quick to exploit. With many small businesses stretched to the limit we offer COMPLETELY FREE cyber security training to help support your business through these challenging times.

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Key employee cyber security training to support your business.
Working From Home
Remote workers are a known weak link in a company's security profile, which is why threat actors target them. This essential training will ensure your staff know how to work securely from home.
Phishing Awareness Training
There has been a huge increase in phishing emails as fraudsters try to profit from the coronavirus outbreak. Make sure your staff are able to recognise and protect themselves from these scams.

FREE cyber security training for your staff.
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improve your security posture

Working From Home Cyber Security

Everything your staff needs to know about working from home securely.

Working from home has opened multiple vectors for cyberattacks. A broad shift toward work-from-home arrangements has amplified long-standing cybersecurity challenges. These problems are made worse by the reality that many will be using personal, and potentially less secure home devices and networks.

This course provides cyber security guidance to enhance the security of home based workers.

defend against email scams

Coronavirus Phishing Simulation

Security researchers have discovered a 600% rise in the number of phishing emails worldwide that used Coronavirus-related themes to target individuals and businesses. Train your staff to identify these scams.

This interactive phishing simulation duplicates an email client. Users are presented with a series of emails and have to classify them as either "phishing" or "genuine". Copies of actual phishing emails are used to safely expose users to them in a safe and controlled environment. Each email is fully explained with all phishing identifiers highlighted. Coronavirus scams, generic phishing and spear phishing examples are provided.


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