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Cyber Security Training

Despite sophisticated IT security defenses, one weak link – employees – remains a major vulnerability for organisations of all sizes. Providing your staff with regular awareness training on key issues is essential to fully protect your organisation. We deliver online training on essential security topics, ensuring that your staff are fully educated on the cyber security threats that they are most likely to face. Effective training, delivered in easy to understand bite sized modules.

Effective Training

All of our content is developed in-house by our own experienced cyber security professionals.

Easy to Deploy

Learning paths allow you to automate the delivery of courses in the order you require at your own schedule.

Fully Tracked

All modules provide comprehensive metrics on course progress and completion for all of your users.

Effective Training
from Security Experts

Quality training, delivered in easy to understand bite sized modules. Each course takes approximately 15 mins and covers all key areas of security. Each course requires a quiz to be passed for completion to ensure a full understanding of the material. .
  • Phishing Awareness Training
  • Business Email Compromise
  • Password Security & Management
  • Malware & Ransomware
  • Information Security
  • Understanding Social Engineering
  • Physical WorkPlace Security
  • Working Outside of the Office
  • Social Media Security
  • Understanding GDPR
Starting from just $10 per person

Most cyber incidents are
due to user interaction.

Cyber criminals continue to evolve the ways in which they attack SMEs, which, when combined with a lack of employee awareness and an inability to recovery from an incident, means that cybercriminals have a recipe for success, while for SMEs it can spell disaster. It’s all a question of awareness, or a lack of it.

Do your employees know how to spot a phishing email? Are you confident that your colleagues could spot one? Do you know the ways in which fraudsters target businesses through invoice scams, bogus boss emails and social engineering?

Our training covers all of the threats that your business is likely to face. Easy to deploy, effective and affordable. Invest in your security, don't be an easy target for cyber criminals.

cyber security awareness

Training Modules

We provide a comprehensive range of cyber security services to
help you assess, build and manage your cyber security capabilities

bonus content

Phishing Training

This fully tracked training module presents multiple phishing scenarios in the form of an email client inbox. Emails have to be classified as either "phishing" or "genuine". Copies of actual phishing emails are used to provide an authentic learning experience. Each email is fully explained with all phishing identifiers highlighted.

Business Email Compromise - such as Invoice Fraud and CEO Fraud are demonstrated in addition to common phishing emails. Effective training and an affordable alternative to a full-blown phishing simulation.

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Awareness Resources

Employee Policy Management

Improve the way you manage employee security compliance policies

Reduce legal risk and ensure each employee and stakeholder has access to the appropriate policies.
You can deliver and track policy and procedure documents ensuring staff have read and acknowledged each. Making policy management for onboarding and annual reviews a breeze. You can even assign policies & documents to specific courses making them part of an effective and complete training strategy. Contact us for details on this LMS addon feature.
Cyber Security Training

Training Prices

Accounts are priced with reference to the number of users required. You will be provided with admin access to our LMS that contains all of our courses. Need us to manage the process? Then please contact us below.
Up to 50 users
$575 /flat fee
  • 10 Security Modules
  • Phishing Quizes
  • Awareness material
51 to 250 users
$10 /per user
  • 10 Security Modules
  • Phishing Quizes
  • Awareness material
Custom Plan
$contact for pricing
  • Course customisations
  • Phishing Quizes
  • Awareness material
  • Policy Management

Do you need course customisation? Or bespoke training? We can create affordable, quality training. Contact us to find out more.