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Cyber Security Simplified

The Starter Pack enables you to readily identify, assess and manage cyber security risks. It fast tracks an organisation to meet Enterprise level compliance, risk management and IT assurance programmes.

Cyber Security Action Plan

Protecting any business should follow a logical, deliberate method. We provide an easy to follow, effective and affordable process to enhance your security profile and manage cybersecurity-related risk.
1. Public Risk Assessment
Fix any issues with your public facing assets and implement industry accepted security standards to protect both internet users and your company from malicious exploits.
2. Internal Self Assessment
An assessment of an organisation’s internal security posture verifies that basic cyber security controls are in place and generates an "Action Plan" to remediate any security gaps.  
3. Safeguard Your Assets
A library of documents and policies to formalise a cyber security strategy. These materials consist of collections of policies, guidelines, risk management approaches, and best practices
4. Employee Policies
A library of End User Policies. An effective way to educate employees on the importance of security is to provide policies that explain each person's responsibilities for protecting IT systems and data.
5. Security Awareness
Providing your staff with regular awareness training on key issues is essential to fully protect your organisation. We provide awareness material and have an optional LMS to provide training on key topics.

Helping clients to understand and fix their cyber security risk.

Security Assessments

An assessment of an organisation’s current security posture is the beginning of any Cyber Security initiative. Risk Ratings provide an insight into an organisation's public cyber security profile and the Internal Self Assessment provides an overview of the implementation of internal controls and policies.

Together they help to identify security gaps that need to be addressed. the remediation library, security documents, policies, guidelines and other templates in the Starter Pack provide everything that is required to achieve an enhanced security profile.

The cyber hygiene gap is created by those who are unaware of, or who neglect, security best practices. You don’t need to be a technical wizard to keep your business safe. Let us show you how.

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Documents & Policies

  • Security Policies
  • Incident Response
  • Employee Policies

Security Policies and Technical Guidelines

Safeguard your company’s information assets
These documents provide the guiding principles for sound information security management. It will help you establish controls to safeguard your company’s information assets against events that could compromise their confidentiality, integrity or availability.
  • Access and Account Management Policy
  • Asset Disposal and Sanitisation Policy
  • Asset Management and Classification Policy
  • BIA analysis.xlsx
  • Change and Patch Management Policy
  • Cyber Vulnerability management Policy
  • Data Classification Policy
  • Data Encryption Policy
  • Data Retention and Destruction Policy
  • Information Security Strategy
  • Information Security Policy
  • Mobile Device and Media Security Policy
  • Personal Security Policy
  • Physical Security Policy
  • Remote Access Management Policy
  • Secure Configuration and System Hardening Policy
  • Security Audit and Monitoring Policy
  • Security Risk Management
  • Systems and Networking Security Policy
  • Third Party Security Management Policy
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Staff Training Material

Over 90 per cent of cyber-related incidents are caused not by a lack of basic IT measures, but because of user interaction. Despite sophisticated IT security defenses, one weak link – employees – remains a major vulnerability for organisations of all sizes. Keeping staff aware of cyber security issues is essential to fully protect your organisation. We provide bite-sized, printable, emailable, guides on key areas of cyber security to educate staff. A selection of quality, captivating material ensures security awareness becomes part of your company culture.
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Awareness Resources

email security awareness

Phishing Training

This interactive phishing simulation duplicates an email client. Users are presented with a series of emails and have to classify them as either "phishing" or "genuine". Copies of actual phishing emails are used to safely expose users to them in a safe and controlled environment. Each email is fully explained with all phishing identifiers highlighted.

This lightweight, responsive application can be downloaded and hosted on your own network or intranet or downloaded for each individual user. It's an incredibly effective and very easy to deploy training solution, included in the starter pack.

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